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Product Phase Out Notice – Soraa RADIANT Lamps

Dear Valued Customers,

The purpose of this notice is to inform you that, effective December 10, 2019, Soraa , Inc. will be discontinuing our consumer-focused Soraa Home brand, resulting in the phasing out of the Soraa RADIANT product range.

As an alternative, Soraa offers an equivalent product from our professional lighting range, Soraa VIVID, which has identical specifications and can be used interchangeably with the corresponding Soraa RADIANT product. Please refer to the table below for discontinued part numbers and their corresponding Soraa VIVID part number.

Please note that Soraa VIVID products are sold as part of our professional lighting range, and as such, are sold under separate warranty terms to Soraa RADIANT products. Detailed warranty information for Soraa professional lamps can be found here.

Discontinued Part Number Discontinued Product Description Equivalent Part Number
SR-A19-11-27-01-X2 Soraa Radiant A19 LED, 800lm, 2700K, E26 Base (2-Pack) SA19-11-OMNI-927-01*
SR-MR16G-07-36D-27-01-X2 Soraa Radiant MR16 GU10 LED (120V), 410lm, 2700K (2-Pack) SM16GA-07-36D-927-03*
SR-MR16-07-36D-27-01-X2 Soraa Radiant MR16 GU5.3 LED (12V), 410lm, 2700K (2-Pack) SM16-07-36D-927-03*
SR-BR30-11-27-01 Soraa Radiant BR30 LED, 710lm, 2700K, E26 Base SB30-11-120D-927-01*

* Sold as a single pack only

Continuation Of Sale Notice – Soraa HEALTHY Lamps

With the discontinuation of the Soraa Home brand, Soraa, Inc. will continue to offer Soraa HEALTHY products as part of our professional lighting range. For Soraa HEALTHY lamps, there are no changes in product part numbers, and the full range can be viewed here.

Please note that, effective immediately, Soraa HEALTHY products are now subject to our professional lighting warranty terms. Detailed warranty information for Soraa professional lamps can be found here.

In North America, Soraa VIVID and Soraa HEALTHY products can be purchased online through our partner Soraa VIVID products are available to purchase now, and Soraa HEALTHY products will be added to their site in the new year. For International customers, please contact your local distributor.