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Gravity is a private members’ club created for senior executives and individuals seeking an exclusive, highly personalised, holistic wellness experience. The club combines both exercise and health expertise with the latest technology and exceptional service, providing members with expert support dedicated to help them stay in peak condition mentally and physically.

The premium, invitation-only fitness club is a new concept recently launched by the Fitness First Group in Singapore. With bold architecture and a striking interior, the club is designed to stand out, and needed a lighting scheme to match.

Gravity Club owners Fitness First, which is one of the largest fitness brands in the world and the largest in Southeast Asia, worked with Illuminate Lighting Design to create an atmosphere where lighting helps define the club’s sophisticated brand and style, and enhance the members’ experience. Designers at Illuminate Lighting Design chose SORAA’s LEDs for their color temperature, high output, multiple beam options, and dimmability.

“SORAA’s LED lamps perfectly illuminate the Gravity Club. Lighting is at the heart of creating an environment that combines upscale exercise facilities with beautifully designed social and business spaces in a single premium location. The successful integration of lighting as part of Gravity Club’s holistic experience was the result of a fresh approach to lighting schemes that are rarely offered in a gym,” said Claire Riley of Illuminate Lighting Design.

Specifically, the club chose SORAA’s LED lamps for all its downlighting needs, as well as for spotlights throughout the space. In the social spaces of the Gravity Club, such as the lounge, there is a warmer color temperature to create a calming ambiance for members to wind down. The color temperature then gradually increases towards the work-out area to aid high-performance activities. In the changing rooms, the company’s LED lamps are positioned precisely at alternating locker lines to emphasis the linear interior design. SORAA’s unique GaN on GaN™ LED technology allows its LEDs to operate at currents that are more than five times higher than other LED lamps, resulting in a narrow beam that can be controlled to illuminate any area with a single crisp shadow.

Photo credit: Fitness First Group | www.fitnessfirst.com.sg


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