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New York

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Edgy and Sophisticated

Haute Hippie Founder and Creative Director Trish Wescoat Pound sought out to build a fashion house that is the articulation of a global nomad’s mindset and lifestyle. Believing that the Haute Hippie woman is eclectic, chic, and well-traveled, her goal was to create a brand and a line of clothing that was not only edgy and sophisticated but also practical, versatile, and instantly wearable."

The goal in lighting Haute Hippie was to achieve a balance between clarity and warmth of light, given that the space is floor-to-ceiling full of texture and color, art and fashion. LED lighting company Building Hero brought in the SORAA VIVID LED MR16 for the job of illuminating the majority of the product, creating a beautiful ambience that accentuates the elegance of this unique clothing line. The SORAA lamps' perfect beam and delivery is evidenced in the photo of Haute Hippie's iconic jewel encrusted longhorn cattle skull, with its crisp shadows and exquisite detail.


Building Hero


New York


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