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Mancar Restaurant

Izmir, Turkey

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Seaside Sophistication

MaNCaR is a unique, sophisticated restaurant in the seaside neighborhood of Alsancak in Izmir, Turkey that attracts both locals and tourists looking for a high-end dining experience, delivering impeccably prepared food and an enchanting ambiance.

The owners of the MaNCaR restaurant worked with interior designers at Toner Architects and lighting designers at PLANLUX, who chose SORAA’s VIVID LED MR16s to light the space. This selection provides tremendous dimming and control flexibility allowing them to not only adjust the level of light as needed but also adapt to changes in the table configurations. SORAA’s MR16 lamps give the restaurant the ability to have a dimmable, narrow beam solution spotlight the tables, creating a tasteful glimmer on the food and wine without disturbing the guests. And not only is the lighting beautiful, but the new lamps will lower energy use and costs for the restaurant.

“When it comes to quality of light with required beam widths, and filtering abilities, SORAA’s products outshine the competition. SORAA lamps deliver simply perfect lighting that enhances the customer experience” said Korhan Şişman, light designer at PLANLUX.

SORAA’s unique GaN on GaN™ technology allows its LEDs to operate at currents that are more than five times higher than LEDs built on other materials. This means a lot of light comes from a very small source, resulting in a narrow beam that can be controlled to crisply illuminate any area with a single shadow.




Izmir, Turkey


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