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Spice Room

Sydney, Australia

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Iconic and Authentic

Located in the Circular Quay area of Sydney, Australia, the iconic Spice Room restaurant features a design inspired by a rail trackside Indian street scene. Serving authentic Indian food, the restaurant features exotic colors and heady aromas of spices, which create a sublime feast fro all the five senses.

“The restaurant and cuisine are authentic Indian. The interior design is unique – with elements that remind our guests of a beautiful, historic Indian town and mansions,” said interior designer Jill Hoffenberg. “The Spice Room can be seen from a distance, and the high contrast and color rendering achieved by SORAA LED lighting creates an air of interest and draws people to the restaurant.”

After a thorough comparison of lighting options, the Spice Room interior designer, Jill Hoffenberg, and lighting designers at PointOfView chose SORAA’s GU10 VIVID LEDs to create the warm and inviting atmosphere. The high color-rendering index (CRI) and focused lighting draws attention to the interior surfaces, revealing the dynamic texture and coloring. Flexibility in the lit environment was another key element taken into consideration while lighting the space.

Warm individual pools of light furnish dining tables, providing functional light with beautiful color rendering. Like all of SORAA’s LED products, the GU10 lamps feature the company’s Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP₃) LED technology, allowing for perfect rendering of colors and whiteness. The carefully aimed narrow beams ensure spill light does not impose on the intimacy of the space.

“The tight beam spread and control of SORAA LED lamps allows for high levels of contrast needed to create the amazing ambiance desired by the designer and restaurant,” said Mark Elliott of PointOfView. “Focused lighting means no attention is drawn to the ceiling, which is concealed in shadow, and targets all attention to the interior surfaces.”

Photo Credit: Brent Winstone | www.brentwinstone.com




Sydney, Australia


MR16 GU10

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