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Distinguished Collections

Taglialatella Galleries has been a major force in the global art market, building distinguished collections worldwide for nearly four decades. With locations in New York (Chelsea), Palm Beach, and Paris, the gallery showcases exhibitions for innumerable artists including, but not limited to, Lichtenstein, Warhol, Indiana, Hirst, Christo, Frankenthaler, Appel, Calder, Hay, Katz, Young, Basquiat, Sanzi, and Wesselmann.

Working with New York based Building Hero, Taglialatella did a LED lighting retrofit, replacing older halogen MR16s with SORAA Vivid LED MR16s. According to Geoffrey Lewis of Building Hero: "...the art looks awesome under the lights. They had several pieces under their old halogen MR16 lamps that appeared to have the same white color for the canvas. After lighting the pieces with SORAA Vivid lamps, you could actually see that the true colors were in fact very different from each other - the SORAA light allowed the true colors of the pieces to shine through, almost like when restorers remove centuries of dirt from famous old paintings. The gallery staff noticed the difference immediately and that's what sealed the deal. Pretty impressive light."


Building Hero


New York


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