• A Grand Entrance

V&A Museum

London, England

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A Grand Entrance

The prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum in London asked DHA Designs of London to revisit their lighting installation for the museum's Grand Entrance. The space was last upgraded in 2003, using a mixture of halogen, metal halide and fluorescent sources.

The new scheme is lit totally with LED, including SORAA’s new MR16 LED replacement lamps to replace the low voltage halogen 50W MR16 lamps in the small luminaries tucked away behind columns and architectural features. With the upgrade to SORAA LEDs the Grand Entrance provides an experience of awe, setting the tone for the rest of the visit.

DHA Designs selected the SORAA VIVID 9.5W 25 degree lamp, which provides superior light quality and precise optics, as well as reducing operating and maintenance costs for the museum.

Photo Credit: James Newton | www.jnphotographs.co.uk


DHA Designs


London, England



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