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  • TM-30

    A new way to measure color just arrived

    A improved way to measure just arrived


Together Soraa's scientists and the Illumination Engineering Society have published an improved color rendition metric called TM-30. This highly precise and science based method is a step up from it's predecessor method, CRI.


TM-30 uses state-of-the art scientific advances in color science. As a result, it is more accurate than the CRI, especially for narrow-band spectra where the CRI can fail.

More Accuracy

TM-30 provides more accurate information such as a fidelity index Rf which replaces the CRI index and indicates whether colors look natural.

More Insight

TM-30 also provides more insight into the gamut index Rg which indicates a color's saturation and an accuracy graphic which gives advanced information about the rendering of specific colors.

Natural Whites and Vivid Colors

Color rendering is measured by TM-30 Rf, and white rendering by Soraa’s internally-developed whiteness rendering index Rw. To maximize Rf requires a smooth spectrum similar to natural light – an easy task for Soraa's full spectrum technology.

The Spectrum of natural light (above, sunlight with a CCT of 5000K) can be closely matched by our full spectrum VP3 technology. The four peaks above correspond to the violet pump and light from the three phosphor (blue, green, and red).

Whiteness in natural light is provided by ultra-violet radiation which excites the fluorescing agents of white materials – but UV radiation is harmful and undesirable in LED light. We solve this by replacing UV radiation with harmless violet light, which enables the same whiteness rendering as natural light.

Natural light (below, halogen lamp at a CCT of 3000K) creates whiteness by exciting fluorescing agents with UV radiation. Soraa's spectra use violet light instead to render whiteness without the harmful effect of UV.

Adding violet light slightly reduces color rendering but improves white rendering tremendously. Our VIVID products are designed to optimize this trade-off, leading to the best possible combination of natural whites and colors.

"High CRI" competitor


Even Richer Colors with Snap Enhance Filter

An important teaching of TM-30 is that, while colors can be rendered naturally (as does Soraa VIVID), they can also be made more saturated which can be preferred in some settings. TM-30's Rg index and color accuracy graphic help quantify this effect. Competitor products have tried to play on this effect. However, due to guidance from outdated design tools, this results in the wrong colors being enhanced, and in light with an off-white chromaticity. Instead, harnessing TM-30 and guidance from internal research on color preference, Soraa has developed Enhance: a Snap accessory which increases the saturation of colors while at the same time maintaining other aspects of quality of light, including the light's chromaticity and accurate rendering of whites.