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Home Lighting Hacks for Healthier, More Beautiful Living Spaces

August 2017 - by SORAA

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All too often, certain interior design features can get all the glory when it comes to creating a truly inviting living space. But, interior lighting can be just as important. Thankfully, the experts at HGTV understand the impact that effective lighting can have. An article written by Jill Connors, titled “Lighting Tips for Every Room,” is particularly useful if you need to create a lighting plan for a specific room, or if you are preparing for a whole-house makeover.SOR_LiveLight_Healthy-HealthierLivingSpaces.png

Entries, Hallways & Stairs
The entry points and pathways through a home typically require nothing more than ambient lighting, unless there are focal points such as artwork or architectural elements that should receive accent lighting. Ambient lighting in hallways may be provided by recessed fixtures, ceiling-mounted fixtures or wall sconces.

With its heavy focus on the functions of food preparation and cleanup, as well as its tendency to be a gathering spot, the kitchen requires careful consideration of task and ambient lighting. Think in particular of the task lighting for the counters, where most of the work takes place, and over the sink.

Bedside reading and closet lighting are two of the primary concerns in a bedroom lighting plan. For bedside reading, lighting experts suggest wall-mounted light fixtures with adjustable arms so that the light can be directed on the reading material. Each bedside light should operate on its own switch, either directly on the fixture or a wall switch within easy reach.

With its emphasis on personal grooming that requires viewing oneself in a mirror, the bathroom requires careful consideration of lighting placement. Too many bathrooms feature a central ceiling-mounted fixture that casts shadows on a person standing in front of the mirror.

From your sleep schedule to overall productivity to making a space feel more inviting, lighting can affect why and how we behave in our homes and beyond. The particular way a room is lit, for instance, can alter your mood – both positively or negatively. Therefore, if you take the time to assess the lighting needs for each room in your home, you can create the right approach that provides energy efficiency and that makes the space look great.


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