LFI Artist: Pamela Rys

May 2019 - by SORAA

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Tell us about where your internal inspiration comes from? How does it influence the work you do? And how do you want others to view and experience your work?

My paintings are grounded in an admiration of the vastness of the cosmos and also the interest in pranic healing energies. Contemplation of the night sky and the arising question: what are the celestial bodies? What do they look like? What is their structure? How and why do they move? Are they reliant on each other? Do they impact the Earth and it’s inhabitants?Pamela Rys.jpgPamela Rys

My artwork aims to create grounds to contemplate these types of questions. To create a proper visual field for the viewer I consciously use the knowledge that I have acquired during the creative process. This knowledge consists of the choice of painting techniques, materials, technologies, and even the specific titles of artworks. Thanks to these procedures I can pursue the aim to make people aware of the place we all share in the universe. I often use titles of the paintings directly related to the most recent astronomical discoveries. For example, a recent discovery in Aquarius constellation, star TRAPPIST-1 with 7 planets orbiting around it, some of them similar to planet Earth. It suggests even more questions. Are there other life forms in the Universe? 

Tell us about light and color and how that plays into your work and your creative process.

My paintings explore the balance between the magical, mystic and mysterious as well as their relationship to textures, light and colors. I often use color contrasts and diverse painting matter. During the painting process on the structured surface, apart from traditional paint colors I also use contemporary and more futuristic pigments. Iridescent colors, glitter, which supplement the cosmic design, and creates an “out of this world’’, perspective. Multiplications of structures in abstract form, give me the grounds to bring out spatiality and luminescence on a somewhat flat canvas. I use apparent abstract forms, which consist of networks of lines, waves as well as circles and other shapes. This also adds to the overall, painterly “language” that I use.TRAPPIST-1h.jpgPamela Rys

As an artist, tell us about what other art forms and artists have inspired your work?

Surely, sculpture and relief strongly affect my artworks. My densely textured paintings are built up from a mixture of many layers of thick gesso, paint, wood, sand, plastic and other materials. It creates unique three-dimensional artworks. Frank Bowling’s technique is based on incorporation similar non-classical art materials into the artwork.

The technique of impasto, a signature of Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings, is also close to my heart. Jean Dubuffet and art informal with its highly gestural technique, exert influence over my paintings. These are only some of the many art forms that I enjoy and explore.Makemake.jpgPamela Rys

How has your art evolved or changed over the years?

It has definitely evolved thanks to the continuous exploration of the knowledge of materials, experimenting with Artistic forms and even chemistry associated with them. While mixing all the substances during the painting process I witnessed a broad spectrum of chemical reactions. There are many factors that include temperature, drying times, thickness of all kinds of paint mixtures, and many, many other things involved. The effects were sometimes surprising, even uncontrolled. With more and more practice I could recognize the relationship between materials, structures, and chemical processes. I continuously experiment and reinvent my technique.

Where can people find more of your work?


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